live right.

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A simple question that provides us the gift of

purpose, reason, and understanding.

At Pulp, we continue to ask "why" in every aspect of what we do.

What is the purpose of every ingredient

& why reason or settle for lower quality?

And by understanding our impact in our Community, 

we find that purpose...

Our "why" You.

It's everyone, everywhere waking up with a purpose.

Our "why" is to help us all be the best version of

our true selves.

Our handcrafted, cold pressed organic juices have a


We make the effort to source our produce locally

to help sustain local farming and agriculture in our area.

The vision is to make a mark in the community by providing

services to our schools,

and by giving juice to those who need it most.

Join us in our mission to a better why,

a better you,

 a better us!





    (Not too often)
    *This is for those who have little experience with cleansing. An opportunity to get your toes wet, your taste buds watering, and your body wanting more!*
    ONE DAY - $64.99 
    THREE DAYS - $174.99
    FIVE DAYS - $299.99



    (Every Now and Then)
    *This is for those who've cleansed in the past, or who live a healthy and 
    active lifestyle. It compliments your workout regime, and gets your body going!*
    ONE DAY - $64.99
    THREE DAYS - $174.99
    FIVE DAYS - $299.99
    (Once a Month? Im Jealous!)

*You are a juice CHAMPION! Health and fitness is not a goal, its your lifestyle. You know the difference between Macros, and Big Macs. Chuck Norris is your spirit animal.*

ONE DAY - $64.99

THREE DAYS - $174.99

FIVE DAYS - $299.99


*All cleanses are tailor made, so we kindly ask for at least 24 hours until your special blend is ready for you!*

BI-FABB (be fabulous!)

(Basic Instructions For A Better Body)


The PULP cleanse is designed to assist you in revitalizing your gastro-intestinal system and to help you get rid of your accumulated toxic buildup.

It’s an effective regimen that will rest and reset your digestive system. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the cleanse it is best that you follow the instructions in this BI-FABB.

Following the pre-cleanse procedure set forth below will greatly reduce or eliminate the healing shock you will experience when you decide to detoxify your body and reset your health. If you do not follow the procedure, you may experience, nausea, headaches, flu like feelings, dizziness, and general discomfit, all short lived. The more toxic your system, the more intense the healing experience will be and the more reason you should follow the procedure set forth in this BI-FABB.

There are three phases to the program.

The first Phase or Pre-Cleanse phase prepares your system for the process. In these three days, it is best that you eat less and avoid heavy meals.

The second phase of the PULP cleanse is the 1, 3 or 5 day regimen you select, where you rest your intestinal system, detoxify your body and reset your health by drinking the juices and following these guidelines.

The third phase, or the Post Cleanse phase, is a three-day return to a normal diet. After the juice cleansing fast, the intestinal system is prepared to return to normal functioning with adjustments to keep the clean system you just worked to secure for yourself.


Please take note of those who should not use this program:
• Pregnant or nursing mothers;
• Anyone with an acute infection;
• Anyone recovering from a medical procedure, surgery or therapy;
• Anyone with a bowel obstruction
• Anyone with extreme weakness or extreme nutritional deficiencies or
imbalance should not participate in this program.
• Anyone under regular care of a physician for any disease such as diabetes


No less than three days before beginning the program, it is advisable that you reduce your intake of food.

Foods To Avoid:

Alcohol (beer, wine, liquors) coffee ( all kinds), meat and all meat products including white meats like pork. veal and chicken an all dairy products including eggs, refined carbohydrates (white breads, pasta, white rice, cakes, pastries, dry cereals), sugars and artificial sweeteners, fried foods, hydrogenated oils ( mostly vegetable oils), and all processed foods generally found in the center isles of the supermarket.

Foods To Eat:

Fresh fruits, fresh & steamed vegetables, salads with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, whole grains (whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel, barley and oats), olive oil, nuts and seeds, green and oolong tea and plenty of water with lemon or lime if you wish, ( one quart for every 30 lbs of weight per day). Nut butter and apples are a good snack: twice daily is ok.

Some fish may be an option but there are many dangers to a lot of fish. So it is best to avoid fish during this period

As difficult as it may be, try not to smoke. Smoking is seriously counter- productive


This is a the cleansing fast that rests your intestinal system, removes the accumulated waste and restores the normal milieu of the gastro-intestinal tract.

This phase allows for the maximum removal of mucoid plaque and retained fecal waste.

During the juice fast, you should not feel the physical urge to eat or hunger. Nevertheless there are those who will have some craving on the first day because their body is getting used to the cleanse juice fast. Be self-controlled and disciplined and stand your ground. This is a fight to rid your body of its enemies and to restore good health. It is a good fight and a fight you want to win.

The initial urge may actually be thirst. If you take in plenty of water the urge will go away naturally. In a multi-day cleanse program, by the second day, your body will become accustomed to the program and so you will not have the urge again.

Some of us are used to taking many meals and a lot of food every day and have the habit of munching every day.

Craving becomes habit and psychological. Focus on your commitment to your goal of cleansing your body and you will break the psychological hold and habit.


After the cleanse, start breaking the regimen slowly.

First day after the cleansing-fast, take in fluids and or porridge (cooked oatmeal) only. This includes fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

Avoid processed or canned and bottled fruit juices. No coffee, soda or tea on this day.

Second day, start eating light meals, vegetables and fruits with your fluids. Avoid starchy vegetables like potato and corn.

Third day, resume eating normally. Take into consideration that a change of diet is in order for you since your old dietary habits produced a very acidic internal system that created and fed the toxicity in your body and the mucoid plaque build-up, which is the cause of most diseases and health afflictions.


The goal of the program is to remove the so-called mucoid plaque and get rid of the stagnating fecal matter and harmful toxins in your body. For most, a multi day program will eliminate significant amounts of mucoid plaque and other harmful matter in your digestive tract. A single day program has significant noticeable beneficial effects especially if repeated on a weekly basis. For best results a multi day program should be considered.

Will you have diarrhea or an irritable bowel?

No. On the contrary, you will be eliminating full and bulky stools, not loose and watery. You should not have an irritable bowel.

Will you have an uncontrollable urge? Will you have cramps?

No. You will only have your normal or usual urge to move your bowels. This will prompt you to eliminate your stools.

What is mucoid plaque and what does it look like?

Mucoid plaque is encrusted layers of hardened mucus mixed with retained harmful matter in the digestive tract and other waste that clings to the walls of your colon. It is the result of a very acidic colon. It clogs the colon passageway, a condition dangerous to your health.

Since you will not be eating for the duration of the program, will you be hungry?

Since you will be receiving full meal replacements, you will not feel hungry. The high fiber content of the meal replacements in the program will keep you satiated.

If ever there is any hunger, it usually is on a psychological level. Many people are attached to food and crave food at this emotional level.

If that happens focus on your commitment and drink some warm herbal tea to soothe the stomach.

What if your bowels do not move?

This usually happens when:
1. The person is dehydrated. So drink plenty of water when you’re going through the program.
2. The person does not follow the program correctly. So be sure that you are doing it right.
3. The person is under a lot of stress. Let go and relax.

What if you still cannot go?

It is imperative that you move your bowels daily. People who don’t prepare their colons by doing the pre-cleanse phase of the program & eat a lot knowing that they will do the cleanse clog up their system at the outset of the program.

Drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of water. .

Should you stop your medications?

Usually not. If you are taking prescription medications for daily use, ordinarily, you may use them while undergoing the cleansing juice fast. However, if you are taking prescription medications for a prescribed period of time, it is advisable that you finish the course of your prescription before beginning the program. Always, always consult your physician


During the cleansing juice fast program, be sure to drink plenty of water. to hydrate your body.

You may be thirsty during the program and your thirst may be masked as hunger. Drinking enough water will take the urge out and help cleanse your system.

We suggest that you do not drink any other juice or beverage except the ones indicated in the program.

No less than four times a year is ideal. Because of our environment, our bodies need constant cleansing. When the seasons change is a good reminder to do a multi-day cleanse.


Doing a multi day cleanse program will most likely cause you to shed some pounds. This is due to lost ‘Mucoid plaque’ and the discharge of retained harmful matter in the digestive tract.

The program also helps you utilize and burn some stored fat cells.

If you are keen on losing more weight, we suggest that you continue the program over several weeks.


The information provided in this User Guide should not be treated as personal medical or health advice or instruction. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should take no action based solely on the contents of this User Guide. The contents here are provided for informational and educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by any government or private agency including the a federal Food and Drug Administration. It is provided to assist you in making your own decisions about your health and wellness. You have a right to this information and how you use it is your right also. The information in this User Guide is general in nature and not specific to you. PULP Organic Juicery does not warrant or guarantee the quality, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness or suitability of the information contained herein. You should consult your health care professional before embarking on any exercise, weight loss or healthcare program.